The Curses That Identify Hebrew Israelites

How did the Hebrews turn White? Men also, if they were of the same colour as Typhon, were sacrificed, they say, in ancient times by the kings at the tomb of Osiris; however, only a few Egyptians are now found RED in colour, but the majority of such are non-Eqyptians….” (Diodorus of Sicily, Book I, para.

It is amazing to me that modern Christian scholars just presume the so-called "Hebrew" language of the Old Testament to be the native language of ancient Israelites without any more proof than the mere claim of Jews, whom Jesus called "liars" as he told them their father was not God, but the devil.

There are also other historical and literary sources that provide such evidence and support the fact that the ancient Hebrew Israelites were "Black". By faith in Jesus, the true Israelite, all people can be reckoned as true Israelites. Hebrew Israelites believe both heaven and hell are conditions - mere states of mind”.

Also, you said that "judaism is not a race, it is a religion." This is true today, but I am talking about ISRAELITES, not JEWS and there is a big difference. Considering that such interaction and migration took place it is not hard to perceive that Hebrew Israelites were among the one hundred million who were taken from Africa during the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica points out that the Amorites were "long-headed." It also mentions that the Babylonians called the people living to the west of them "Amorites," meaning "Westerners." This term "Amorite" or "Westerner" was used by other peoples including the Egyptian-speaking of the people living in the area of Palestine.

Myers says the ARYAN or INDO-EUROPEAN” and also the SEMITIC” peoples belong to the so-called WHITE RACE” which inhabits Europe, Western Asia, North America, South Africa and Australia (Myers, The Eastern Nations and Greece., pp. 15,16). Only British, Americans, and other Northwestern Europeans can make this claim, while the Black Africans were still lost in heathenism.

The Bible never says that Jesus was King of the Jews. The tribes that converted to Judaism known as prophecy the Khazars, and yes some of the Israeli Jews have that bloodline as well but alot of the Khazar Jews were killed off in the Holocaust. The Sephardim Jews were also converts that mixed with Negroes from the geneology of Edom and a very small percentage are true Israelites.

Not all African jews were born that way although I do believe the Ashanti are authentic. Starting in 1619, he explains, Africans began selling their immigrant population, the Hebrew Israelites, into slavery. ” arguing on wax Afrocentric ideas about the fundamental connections among the Bible, the African continent, and its people.

In fact, the entire Jewish nation spent four centuries in Africa before returning to the Promised Land (modern-day Israel), and interactions between the Hebrews and African nations are documented throughout the Old Testament. People, the Ancient Hebrew Israelites left Israel in 70 A.D. black and came back in 1948 white.

The Egyptian artifacts, of which there are many, were mostly recovered in modern times, when Whites rather than simply destroy, instead modify artifacts; sometimes just by breaking the noses off, in order to make them look like White people, and then proudly display them as proof of the White mans greatness.

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